Ishigakijima Kumasan’s Diving Shop


Thank you very much for visiting us in many diving shops. Okinawa in Japan is one of the most famous for the diving areas in the world. Especially Ishigaki area, there are beautiful diving points such as Taketomi, Iriomote, Kuroshima, Panari, Kohama. Blue sea, colorful corals, variety of creatures. It’s a wonderful dream world. We want you to enjoy diving and special moment with us. We look forward to meeting you.



PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization. We are a member of PADI.

PADI 5 Star Dive Resorts

PADI 5 Star Dive Resorts

Our shop is a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort. PADI 5 Star Dive Resorts are committed to providing quality diver training and continuing education programs that include dive experiences and environmental awareness. 5 Star Dive Resorts mean high-quality diving shop.

Wonderful sea in Ishigaki island

Ishigaki island is famous for the highest encounter rate of a manta ray. We are sure if you could meet manta rays you must be impressed and never forget this experience. However, manta rays are not everywhere in the ocean so you can’t meet them certainly. Thank you for your understanding.


Not only the manta ray but also Ishigaki is famous for many colorful corals. You can enjoy beautiful corals like a garden and a lot of cute creatures.


Diving points map
(Japanese only)

Fun Diving

The maximum number of guests per instructor is limited to four.

The Fun Diving program is designed for those who are already certified in scuba diving. We will take you to the best diving points. The dive points each day are decided by our boat captain based on the sea condition and our guest’s skill level. We will try to accommodate your requests as much as possible. Please tell us your requests, what kind of diving you want to do. We will present your photos we took free of charge.


You can enjoy diving with an exclusive dive guide only for your group.

    Recomend for…
  • Worried about own diving skills
  • Want to take time for photos
  • Want to dive at your own pace
  • For first fun diving
  • For honeymoon diving

Other programs

We will present your photos we took free of charge.

Dsicover Scuba Diving

You can get an unforgettable amazing experience under the sea in Ishigaki Island.

Discover Scuba Diving is a program for those who don’t have scuba diving certification. We will explain the basics of scuba diving, how to dive, and practice some diving skills together.


We have a snorkeling program. You can enjoy the beatiful sea. You might be able to meet mantas and turtles.

Boat charter

Boat charter fee is 88,000JPY in one day. The activity fee is not included.

Reservation status

Please check the reservation status by the calendar as shown below. If you would like to reserve a boat charter, please choose the “white" colored date. Please ask us whatever you want to know.

These color means…

No reservation.
A few reservations.
1 instructor unavailable.
2 instructors unavailable.
Almost full but we are available a little, or we may be closed. We are available if you don’t mind to take the other’s shop boat with us.
Full of reservations or we are closed.


8:00~8:15Get together at the port
8:30Go to the sea by our boat Great Bear’s
9:00~14:30Enjoy diving or snorkeling(lunch time on the boat)
15:00Arrive at the port
16:30~17:30Send you to hotel

What to bring

Please check what you need to bring.

F:Fun diving, D:Discover scuba diving, S:snorkeling

swimwear(please wear before come to the port)
gears(if you have own gears)
log book(※1)
socks(if you rent fins)
motion sickness medicine(please take medicine when you get up)
sunglasses(if you need)
portable ashtray(no ashtray on the boat)
masks(at least 2masks/day for COVID-19)
plastic bag to keep own mask(for COVID-19)
sandals used only on the boat(for COVID-19)
bag for shoes used outside the boat(for COVID-19)
water bottle or plastic bottle(for COVID-19 ※2)
meal for lunch(for COVID-19 ※2)
Medical check(※3)
standard safe diving statment(※3)
liability release(※3)
DSD statment(※3)
self check sheet(※3)(※4)

※1 For fun diving.
※2 We provide tea and lunch as before. Please drink tea using your water bottle or plastic bottle you brought. If you are worried, please prepare and bring it by yourself. If you bring lunch, please tell us when we contact the day before.
※3 Please print, fill out and bring it. When you fill out the form by smartphone, please send it by e-mail in advance. However, if you need a doctor’s certificate, please be sure to bring it by paper.
※4 Please fill out and send it by e-mail in advance(photos allowed) and bring it on the day.

How to write Medical check

To prevent physical trouble during diving, please check your medical history diagnosis before you come to Ishigaki.

1)Please print and fill out the first sheet.
Please check them.

2)* If you answered YES to questions 3, 5 or 10 above OR to any of the guestions on page 2, please read and agree to the statement above by signing and dating it AND take all three pages of this form (Participant Guestionnaire and the Physician’s Evaluation Form) to your physician for a medical evaluation. Participation in a diving course reguires your physician’s approval

Price list

It is prices per day and include tax.

  • Not included rental gears fee
  • 1dive:15,400JPY
  • 2dives:19,800JPY
  • 3dives:24,200JPY

  • Included rental gears fee
  • 1Dive:23,100JPPY
  • 2Dives:28,600JPY

  • Included rental gears fee
  • All day:16,500JPY

  • All diving gears:5,500JPY
  • BCD*:22,00JPY:
  • Regulator*:2,200JPY
  • Wet suit*:1,100JPY
  • Fins*:550JPY
  • Mask&snokel*:550JPY
  • Dive computer:1,100JPY
  • Camera:3,300JPY
  • *Included all diving gears rental.
  • Boat coats and hood vests are free.

  • Air:no additional fee
  • Enriched air10L:1,540JPY/1 cylinder*
  • Enriched air12L:2,090JPY/1 cylinder*
  • Trial enriched air:1,540JPY/1 cylinder
  • * Enriched air divers specialty certification required.

  • 88,000JPY/day
  • The activity fee is not included.
  • We hope to receive your payment up to 91days before to make sure the reservation.
  • We accept only credit card and non-refundable.

  • Usual:add to 22,000JPY/1 group
  • Peak season:add to 33,000JPY/1 group
  • Peak season in 2023 is,
  • ・April,20~May,6
  • ・June,15~July,21
  • ・August,3~August,18
  • ・September,7~September,23
  • ・September,28~October,14
  • ・October,26~November,4
  • ・November,16~November,24
  • ・December,27~January,13 in 2025

  • Payment

    You could choose 2 ways of payment.

  • Cash payment in JPY is possible.

  • VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Diners, AMEX, DISCOVER is available without credit card fee.

  • Cancellation policy

    The cancellation fee will not be charged if we can’t go to diving due to typhoons or other weather conditions. When canceling due to customer’s convenience, the following cancellation fee will be charged.

    • up to 8days before :no charge
    • up to 7days~3days before :30%
    • up to 2days~the day before :50%
    • On the day of booking :100%

    The cancellation fee might be changed it depended on the reason. Please ask us if you need to cancel or change your schedule.

    Reservation or Inquiries


    You can access the reservation page from as below.

    Reservation form


    Please ask us any questions by e-mail as below except reservation.

    E-mail address : shop* (change"*" to “@")